Yang Hua Cake House

Address : Blk 20 Defu Lane 10, #01-278, Singapore 539201 Tel: 63525755
Shop : 370 Alexandra Road, #B1-55/56, Anchor Point Singapore 159953 Tel: 64755758
Email : sales@yanghuacake.com.sg

Welcome to Yang Hua Cake House

See Lian Cake Shop, one of Singapore's most established brand, started it's history at a village in Braddell since 1976. Over time, the demand for traditional pastry was so great that See Lian Cake Shop seized the opportunity to not only set up its own retail shop in Tampines but also a production factory in Defu Lane to meet the rising popularity.

The overwhelming response offered a tremendous potential to inspire the birth of YANG HUA CAKE HOUSE, which has grown to be a household name when people talk about tau sar piah. Yang Hua Cake House has a strong competitive edge over other pastry shops in terms of taste and flavour as firewood is used for baking many types of their wedding pastries even till today.
moon cake
After 30 years in the market, See Lian Cake Shop has earned itself a good name of being the top wholesaler for Teochew Pastry. The brand name, Yang Hua Cake House is widely recognized and supported by many Singaporeans, as the name represents quality and innovation.

Despite being famous for traditional pastry, Yang Hua Cake House believes in introducing new products from time to time and has constantly improve the packaging of its products which has evolved to be a selection criteria among the consumers today.

Yang Hua Cake House, though successful, has stayed humble to learn from the experience of business friends from other countries. In fact, it is through this interaction that we find out more about upcoming trends and introduce new taste and products.

It is a proven success story indeed. These days, Yang Hua Cake House will be at the top of our mind when one talks about
Tau Sar Piah, Wedding biscuits or Traditional Teochew Pastry.
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